The Worsties @ Buster’s

April 25th, 2011 in Concerts, Featured

I always try to catch The Worsties when they are in town. They put on an electric show with great music and intensity on stage that never disappoints. They were at Buster’s recently so I made sure not to miss the show.

Shooting Notes:

The lighting was great, and the band was explosive on stage, as always. I usually stick with my 17-55mm when shooting them, which allows me to get some tighter shots of the band as well as some wide shots. Anna [lead singer] often comes to the front of the stage and works the camera, while Jairo [bassist] has a wide rock stance which is perfect to frame with a wide lens. Jesse [guitarist] tends to shred into his guitar a little bit back from the edge of the stage, while Nathan [drums] is nestled into the back, which at Buster’s isn’t too far back. Needless to say, The Worsties are a blast to shoot, and are right on the brink of taking the next step to stardom. If they happen to play in your area, which is mostly the South-Eastern region for now, I highly recommend checking them out.

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