Disturbed @ Rock On The Range

June 3rd, 2011 in Concerts, Featured

I have been a fan of Disturbed for maybe 5 years, but have never seen them live. It was great to be able to not only see them perform live, but shoot their show. As their songs imply, their show it very upbeat and fast, which had the crowd exploding with fists and rock-horns in the air.

Shooting Notes:

There was lots of pyro during Disturbed’s set, which made for some cool photos, but also was challenging since cameras generally don’t like shooting fire because of the pulse of super-bright light that comes with it. David, the lead singer, really worked the crowd and came to the risers at the front of the stage fairly often, which made for some good shots. The rest of the band was fun to shoot as well, even though the drummer was definitely challenging, tucked away behind his complicated set.

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