Lil Wayne @ Riverbend Music Center

August 16th, 2011 in Concerts, Featured

Lil Wayne has gone from playing sold out theaters and clubs to sold out arenas and amphitheaters relatively quickly. He has earned his permanent spot in rap history and is considered one of the best word-slingers around, and possible of all time. He does just get attention thrown at him though, he works for it. He’s toured the country rigorously over the past few years and puts on an amazing show for the fans and makes sure they know his success it due to their support.

Shooting Notes:

Unless you catch Lil Wayne at a festival, it seems the days of shooting one of his shows from the pit are far gone. It’s too bad really, since he has so much personality that would only show through more with a closer pit shot. That said, he still brings it at every single show, so when it comes to soundboard shoots, he’s one of the better ones out there. He seems to roll through a handful of personalities which keeps the show on it’s feet and fun. One second his is goofing off and the next he is stomping around the stage laying down some heavy lyrics. Unlike many artists touring currently, Lil Wayne doesn’t have a tour outfit that he wears every show. He just wears whatever he decides to for that night (which in my case was an Ohio St sweatshirt which more than likely was chosen for the buckeye’s resemblance to a pot leaf), which is good and bad for photographers. It makes all the shots unique for each date, but it’s also a bit of clothes roulette as to how good the outfit he chose shows up on-camera. Clothes and shooting distance aside, Lil Wayne is one of the hottest acts out there and bring along quite a crew of openers as well. If he tours near you, rent a big lens and make sure you catch his show.

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