Bush @ PNC Pavilion

October 10th, 2011 in Concerts, Featured

Bush was one of many bands which shaped my music tasted through middle and high school. Being able to see them live after all these years and experience that through a camera lens was nothing short of a treat.

Shooting Notes:

Bush has been on my [invisible, non-existant] Must See list for a while now. I was a big fan of theirs in middle and high school, so as soon as I heard that they were coming to one of my favorite venues, PNC Pavilion, I knew where I would be that Friday night. Although the boys have aged a bit since their peak back in the 90s, they sound as good as ever and still put on one hell of a show. As far as shooting is concerned, the lighting was very dynamics with lots of color variations, making for some fun effects and lots of beaming spots from behind the band members. All of the band seemed to be pretty active, and those not behind a drumkit moved around the stage quite a bit, interacting and playing to each other at times. If you get a chance to catch Bush, be sure to do so. Not only is it a great show by a great band, but you’re sure to get some awesome shots out of it you’ll want to add to your port.

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