Taylor Swift @ Rupp Arena

November 1st, 2011 in Concerts, Featured

Taking the stage to another sold out crowd at Rupp Arena, Taylor Swift topped off the night on her Speak Now World Tour with an exciting and theatrical show that made all of her fans’ faces glow with excitement. Always a great shoot due to the over-the-top production and nice lighting, it was fun trying my hand at my second Swift concert in October, taking a different approach.

Shooting Notes:

Although the show in Louisville produced some nice images, I decided to go with a different approach and throw on some long glass to try to get tighter shows from when she played at back on the stage. Although Taylor does spend a lot of time at the edge of the thrust, mere feet away from the lens, the best action shots are easily when she has her guitar back on the stage. With a longer lens I was able to get tighter shots of the action and still pop off shots when she came down the thrust.

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  1. Swifty says:

    I love Taylor swift!!! I went to that exact tour too!

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