The Avett Brothers @ Rupp Arena

November 2nd, 2011 in Concerts, Featured

Although The Avett Brothers have been to Lexington many times in the past, they have never played at Rupp Arena. The fact that they headlined a show there just shows the great success and fanbase they have established. I typically try to avoid working the night of my birthday, but there was no way I would miss shooting this show when it hit my home turf.

Shooting Notes:

Having only heard of The Avett Brothers briefly when the show was announced, I decided to listen up on them and see what band I would possibly be shooting the night of my birthday. Shortly after listening to them I became an avid fan. I’ve seen nearly every concert at Rupp Arena over the last four years of working there and this one easily ranks among the best, if not topping the list.

The Avett Brothers, their tour manager, and the promoter works with us a lot for various promotions leading up to the show, as well as day-of promotions such as photos during their soundcheck. It was such a treat interacting with such a great group of guys and after all the excitement leading up to the show calmed, being able to do what I love to doing, shooting great rock bands. I can’t think of a better way I could have spent my birthday.

As for shooting the show itself, it was definitely not without it’s challenges. The lighting was fairly dim in front with bright colored spots blasting from behind the band. It made for some difficult shooting, but nothing insurmountable. Everyone in the band really gets into the music and shows a lot of emotion, which makes for great photos. The brothers are often not only playing guitar or banjo, but also tapping their feet on a kick drum or high-top.

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