Sleeper Agent @ The Twisted Tap

February 15th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured

Before going on tour with Ben Kweller this spring, Sleeper Agent played to a home crowd in their city of Bowling Green, KY. Along with Cage the Elephant and other bands like Morning Teleportation, Bowling Green is becoming a nice Kentucky music hub with a lot of great talent. Watching and shooting the Sleeper Agent show there was great. The crowd was into it, the band was into it, and there was that feeling in the air that felt like this band is headed on to do great things.

Shooting Notes:

Shooting at small venues often have challenges, and this show was definitely no different. Usually the lighting is the biggest variable that can be the difference between horrible photos and great ones. Luckily, the lighting at The Twisted Tap was pretty good, with a variety of colors and some interesting accent lighting spinning in the background. That coupled with the electric energy of the band made for a really fun show to shoot. Small shows always have an intimacy that makes them something special to cover, and the fact that this one was in the band’s hometown was all the more special. Big thanks for Ryan, the band’s tour manager, for getting me all set up in a venue/city I had never shot in, and to the band, who put on a great show and are great people. Hopefully I can catch Sleeper Agent again before too long.

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