Houndmouth @ Buster’s

Posted November 25th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

My schedule has been a busy one the last six months, and one of the casualties has been the ability to see and photograph live music at Buster’s, one of my favorite venues. In an effort to scratch that itch, I snuck over to Buster’s on Friday night after shooting the basketball game to catch Houndmouth, a band from nearby Louisville. Not only was it great to return to my old stomping ground, but Houndmouth was such a great band! Hit the jump to see my photos from the show. Continue Reading »

President Obama @ Eden Park, Cincinnati

Posted September 19th, 2012 in Featured, Special Events by Paul

Photographing the President was never something I thought I would have a chance to do. Sometimes those are the best experiences though, the unexpected ones. Campaigning throughout Ohio leading leading up to the election, President Obama had a grassroots event at Eden Park in Cincinnati, which I was lucky enough to cover for Venues Today Magazine. It was something so special being able to photograph the President and consider myself a part of the White House Press Pool, if even for one day. Hit the jump to check out some of my favorite photos from the event. Continue Reading »

Mumford & Sons @ Waterfront Park

Posted August 15th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

On the cusp of hitting it huge (whatever that even means), Mumford & Sons put on the best show I’ve seen all summer to a sold out lawn of over 15,000 people at Waterfront Park in Louisville. Hitting a near homerun with their first album and a follow-up album waiting in the batter’s box, Mumford & Sons are poised to be one of the biggest acts of the year. Hit the jump to view my photos from their show. Continue Reading »

Sugarland @ Riverbend Music Center

Posted August 5th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

Having caught a Sugarland show before, I had an idea of what to expect from this fun country duo. If possible, it looks like Jennifer and Kristian are having even more fun than the fans. They put on a very energetic and fun show that really engages with the fans. Hit the jump to check out my shots from their In Your Hands Tour. Continue Reading »

The Black Keys Tour Opener @ US Bank Arena

Posted March 4th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

On their first arena tour, and the first night of that tour, The Black Keys rocked the paint off the walls at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. They had fans engaged from the beginning of their set with their heavy, melodic blues-rock. As a photographer, this was a fun shoot. As a fan, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. Continue Reading »

Arctic Monkeys @ US Bank Arena

Posted March 3rd, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

Coming from Sheffield across the pond, the Arctic Monkeys opened for The Black Keys in Cincinnati at the Keys’ tour opener. With a notable catalogue of their own, the Arctic Monkeys fired through a solid set. Continue Reading »

Drake @ Rupp Arena

Posted February 24th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

Drake, who is known to be a huge UK Basketball fan, took the stage at Rupp Arena for the first time, having been there a few times for basketball games in the past. With an explosive set with surprise guests and a huge stage with a barrage of lights, Drake’s first headlining arena tour is sure to put him even more on the map than he already is. Continue Reading »

Kendrick Lamar @ Rupp Arena

Posted February 24th, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

Another up-and-comer, Kendrick Lamar, hit the stage last before Drake on the Club Paradise. Along with A$AP Rocky and handful of others, Kendrick was featured in SPIN Magazine as one of the great rappers of the future. Continue Reading »

A$AP Rocky @ Rupp Arena

Posted February 23rd, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

A$AP Rocky took the stage following Chase with a pretty high-energy set with his A$AP Mob. Considered to be a rapper on the edge of stardom, A$AP has gotten a lot of press lately and subsequently developed a pretty big audience of his own. Continue Reading »

Chase N. Cashe @ Rupp Arena

Posted February 23rd, 2012 in Concerts, Featured by Paul

First of three openers on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour, Chase N. Cashe had a very quick set but one that seemed to impress the crowd. Continue Reading »